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C5: Playful Puppies (2-3yrs)

Teaching Goals:

*To help the children learn that God made them and that they are each special to Him and to us (teachers).

*To provide a variety of activities and experiences to stimulate the children spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.

*To help the children learn to sit quietly and attentively for a short period of time during Bible story and story time.

*To listen when instructions are being given and to carry out 2-3 part commands.

*To build language skills by increasing vocabulary and sentence length.

*To begin to learn to cooperate in a group situation and learn to share and take turns.

*To increase basic color and shape recognition.

*To develop large and small motor skills, especially through play.

*To encourage independence and self help skills. Begin toilet training.

*To begin problem solving.

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